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Hagen Quartett

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MYR006 Hagen Quartett - 30
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About the album The Hagen Quartet unchallenged at the head of the international string quartet elite for 30 years captivates its listeners again and again. Five years have passed since the end of the group s exclusive contract with Deutsche Grammophon, and now the quartet presents its first recording with...
MYR007 Hagen Quartett // Jörg Widmann: introspective | retrospective
About the album introspective | retrospective. The Hagen Quartet, winner of the ECHO KLASSIK award 2011, presents a second album commemorating its 30th anniversary on the myrios classics label. Two works are combined which are particularly revealing as regards the emotions of their composers: Edvard Grieg’s introspective String Quartet, op....
MYR009 Hagen Quartett - Beethoven op. 18/3, 18/5 & 135
About the album Following an extraordinary 30th anniversary season spent touring the complete Beethoven string quartets to musical centers around the world, including Tokyo, Paris, London, Vienna and Salzburg, the Hagen Quartet went directly from stage to studio to record three of their favorite Beethoven quartets. With the selection of...
MYR017 Hagen Quartett - Mozart String Quartets K.387 & K.458
About the album Vienna, 1782. Mozart had not composed a string quartet for almost ten years, a remarkably long period within such a short lifespan. The two string quartets K.387 and K.458 belong to the group of six so-called “Haydn Quartets”. Mozart dedicated the work to his fatherly friend Joseph...