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Digital Downloads

We are proud that our releases are available at a variety of digital download platforms. A couple of albums is already available as hi res downloads, and we keep on adding more titles of the myrios back catalog within the next time.

We selected only a handful of strong partners and spent many efforts to ensure that our music is represented in the highest quality at these stores. All myrios albums digitally available have been derived from the original masters into the various formats in our own studio. We chose the algorithms involved, opting for the best available process, and re-listened to the entire catalog in all available formats. Wherever the conversion process must be given out of our hands, like with iTunes, we ensure to prepare the original files to meet the best result, i.e. with enough headroom to prevent distortion from conversion processes. This is why our whole catalog now is Mastered for iTunes.

All of our productions are recorded in the highest combination of sample rate and bit depth that meets the project's requirements. Mostly, this is DSD64. Therefore, we are proud to partner with some very exclusive digital hi end stores that sell our music in its original format.

Whether you like to enjoy our productions in MP3/4, hi res PCM or DSD, we are sure that you will find what you're searching for and would therefore invite you to have a look at the shops of our partners:

You will notice that besides one exceptions (that we are monitoring with care), you won't find any myrios recording on streaming. We do evaluate new streaming models and prepare the partnership with a selected group of trusted partners.

In the past, we unfortunately have encountered that the model of free (or almost free) music does cause a seriously threatening situation for smaller labels like us. Our experience was that we loose a significant amount of sales from physical and digital distribution while ten thousands of listeners have almost unlimited access to our productions. However, as the music business world rapidly changes, we do consider to change our distribution channels in the direction of selected streaming services. This is a longer process, we hope you understand our cautiousness.